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Welcome to the main specialized education abroad Fair in the Baltic region “Days of International Education”, March 13-17, 2019

The traditional and popular education abroad fair in the Baltics “Days of International Education” is taking place on March 13 in Kaunas; March 14 in Vilnius; March 16 in Riga and March 17 in Tallinn. 

Education providers from all over the world will present their study programmes and meet face-to-face with their future students. Participants of the fair include popular and prestigious boarding schools, professional colleges, universities and high schools, junior and adult language schools. 

Participants and visitors of the fair will have an opportunity to meet the managers and specialists of 5 leading Baltic educational agencies: Baltic Сouncil Latvia, Baltic Council Estonia, Balic Council Lithuania, Baltic Council Poland и Meridian Group. During the last years thousands of people used services of these agencies and entered top educational institutions in the EU, USA, Canada and other countries. 

Presentations and seminars dedicated to various issues of education and life abroad will also take place during the fair and will be announced closer to the event. 

Free entrance for the public!

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