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We are inviting you to attend the main event of the year for everyone who is considering to get higher education abroad (Bachelor, Master, MBA programmes) at universities, high schools and business schools!

International Online Higher Education Fair Baltics

Friday, March 12, 14.00 – 18.00
Saturday, March 13, 12.00 – 16.00

- Meet the representatives of foreign education providers and get the information about studies at universities, high schools and business schools.

- Learn everything about financing your studies abroad, including the best opportunities to get scholarships at universities, as well as student loans and free education.

- Participate in free webinars, informative meetings and discussions organised by the participants of the fair and leading experts of education abroad.

- Communicate with organisers of the fair (Baltic Council for International Education) – your personal consultants for education abroad who will help you to start and go through the process of entering more than 100 universities in Great Britain, as well as start studies at education institutions in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA and other countries.

International Online Higher Education Fair Poland is available to everyone on all gadgets: personal computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.
The only requirement to get a free entrance to the online fair is to register in advance.

Register today and get acquainted with the participants of the fair, event program, dates and time schedule, as well as possibilities to organise individual meetings with the representatives of educational institutions you are interested the most.

Registration to the fair:


How will the online event work

1.    Register online here  indicating the requested personal information  and the programmes / countries you are interested in.

2.    Join the online Zoom meeting on your chosen date and time.

3.    You will need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with the internet connection of at least 10 mbs /sec or more, webcam and headphones.

4.    You will be able to communicate with the representatives of education providers during the webinars/presentations as well as afterwards by scheduling individual meetings with them directly or with Baltic Council consultants.