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Meet representatives of foreign educational institutions from Europe, USA, Canada, and other countries.

During webinars and online meetings, you will have the opportunity to attend presentations of education providers, find out detailed information about educational institutions and study programmes, financing, student loans, scholarships, free education opportunities, as well as to ask questions and agree the time of individual consultations.

Participation in the fair is FREE!


Friday, April 23, 14:00 - 18:00
Saturday, April 24, 11:00 - 15:00

How to take part in the event?

More information about the fair in Polish.

Find out more information about educational institutions, their opening hours and planned webinars in the List of Participants or Fair’s Programme.

To participate in online meetings, please register in advance and we will give you access to all virtual participant Zoom rooms.

Visit the webinars of the fair’s organizers (Baltic Council for International Education and Meridian Group agencies) - your personal education abroad consultants, which will help you to start and go through the entire process of applying to universities around the world. Baltic Council zoom room:

See you at the online fair  "Days of International Education" !

Additional Information:
Warsaw: +48223792624