I have not stopped from 10.00 till 17.00…. I had lots of students. It was a really, really good fair. Probably, the best, so far.

Chloe Aubry
EU Development Manager, Falmouth University
Thank you very much for a fantastic fair! It was very well organised and we were very happy that there were so many students and families for us to meet. All aspects of the organisation of the fair were outstanding. It's one of the most professional fairs that I have had the pleasure of attending.
Lilla Somogyi
Marketing manager, Abbey DLD Colleges

Hats off to all the team at Baltic Council. This is such a well-organized event - very helpful staff and lots of well qualified students. I have no hesitation in recommending this.

Kathryn Thomos
Regional manager, Swansea University

The Baltic Council events are extremely well-organized and you can see an increased interest in Dutch education.

Simon de Ruijter
Recruitment Officer, Willem de Kooning Academy

I have been visiting many countries and many international education fairs & I have to say that here it is one of the most crowded and really, really good audience.

Taru Kosunen
Coordinator, Häme University of Applied Sciences

Many thanks for hosting us, we had a very productive week in the Baltics and the transport, food and general hospitality was fantastic!

Harriett Boggis
Student recruitment officer, University of Essex
I would like to say thank you for another fantastic trip, everything was very well organized and we got to meet with lots of great prospective students. It is always a pleasure and I enjoyed meeting many of your other participants too. Thank you for the careful planning and I look forward to seeing you at the next fairs.
Neala Street
International marketing officer, Chichester College
Thank you for organising such a successful event - our stand was so busy that I missed out on a lunch break and this is a good sign! 
Gisela al-Hajjar
International Administrator, University of Northampton

Extremely well-attended and I look forward to coming to the Baltic Council Fairs in March and October“.

Jaemi Hodgson,
Marketing Director, The Royal School Wolverhampton

Thank you for this and indeed for all of your assistance, kindness, and hospitality last week.
As you know this was my first trip to the Baltic and I thought it was brilliantly organised and I am so grateful to you for all of your personal input into everything associated with this visit.

Chris Barton
Admissions Ambassador, Gortonstoun School

Just a brief note to thank you very much for the Fairs and all you hard work on our behalf. As usual you did a fantastic job in looking after all of us. It was truly appreciated. I hope that your hard work is properly rewarded with lots of applicants.

Linda Hacking
International Marketing Manager, Royal Hospital School

I am very satisfied by the fair arrangement. From the early morning we did not have time to chat with my colleague. All the time I was telling to the visitors about programmes we have. In general most of the students were highly interested in studies abroad. The fair was arranged in a great way, special thanks for the coffee corner!

Nikolaj Zukov
Recruitment Manager, Fontys University

Thank you to you and your team for all your efforts: we had a very productive day here in Vilnius which I am sure bodes well for the fairs in Riga and Tallinn. Thank you, too, for your generous hospitality and excellent company over dinner last night. The food was every bit as good as the conversation and it was very good to learn something more about the Baltic Council from the co-founders.  I am very impressed with what I have already seen here and we would be delighted if the Baltic Council would like to represent Wells Cathedral School in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Ashley Deacon
Director of Admissions & International Recruitment, Wells Cathedral School

I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have dedicated to the recent education fairs and express my appreciation for the well-organised fairs and their promotion!

Felicia Gundringer
Office Manager, AIS-Salzburg

We had a really good time at the fair and I feel very positive about the potential that we could gain from having attended this event.  Well done on an excellent fair!

Pam Dubois
Marketing Director, The Liverpool School of English