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European countries have been one of the key student recruitment markets for many years now. Each year thousands of schoolchildren, students, young people and adults choose different study programmes abroad ranging from language courses and summer camps to higher education and specialist courses.

The growing demand from both prospective students as well as education providers led to the launch of the unique Baltic Council Fairs project in 2005 and since then this project of Educational Fairs has become one of the best-known and developed brand names in Europe as well as in the global education industry. 

For many years, the Baltic Council Fairs have been a regular choice for international educational institutions and thousands of students. Many education providers who have participated in the Baltic Council fairs during the last years have testified that these educational fairs are among the most well-organised and cost-effective student recruitment events in the world.

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I have not stopped from 10.00 till 17.00…. I had lots of students. It was a really, really good fair. Probably, the best, so far.

Chloe Aubry
EU Development Manager, Falmouth University
Thank you very much for a fantastic fair! It was very well organised and we were very happy that there were so many students and families for us to meet. All aspects of the organisation of the fair were outstanding. It's one of the most professional fairs that I have had the pleasure of attending.
Lilla Somogyi
Marketing manager, Abbey DLD Colleges

Hats off to all the team at Baltic Council. This is such a well-organized event - very helpful staff and lots of well qualified students. I have no hesitation in recommending this.

Kathryn Thomos
Regional manager, Swansea University

The Baltic Council events are extremely well-organized and you can see an increased interest in Dutch education.

Simon de Ruijter
Recruitment Officer, Willem de Kooning Academy

I have been visiting many countries and many international education fairs & I have to say that here it is one of the most crowded and really, really good audience.

Taru Kosunen
Coordinator, Häme University of Applied Sciences
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Baltic Council Fairs are the biggest public education abroad fairs in the Baltic states and one of the biggest fairs in Eastern Europe. The fairs are supported by massive promotion campaigns in the leading mass media aimed at attraction of different target groups to the event.

We invite to participate different types of education providers. All invited education providers must be registered and / or licenced in the country of their origin.
- International language schools offering study programmes  for young people, adults and executives.
- Educators offering year-round, vacation and summer language courses for schoolchildren aged 7-18.
- Secondary schools and colleges, including state and private boarding schools, tutorial, community and other types of colleges.
- Universities and other education providers offering Bachelor, Master, MBA and other programmes in different fields.
- Educators offering vocational, certificate or diploma programmes.
- Professional development institutions, including Teacher Training, Exam Preparation and Specialized courses and programmes.

Educators should fist select the event they would like to register for. Then go to the Educators section and click APPLY NOW. 

We normally offer the early bird discounts ranging between 20 % to 5 % depending on the time of booking.

Yes, the participant can choose to participate in any locations.

Yes, for every event there are extra promotion offers in the leading mass media and participants can get familiar with them in the INFOPACK section of each fair.


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