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Days of International Education (Poland), Oct 2024

Recruit your future students from Poland, a vibrant, well developed and constantly advancing country with a population of over 39 million people from which over 65 thousand students currently study abroad.

International education providers will meet face-to-face with approximately 10,000+ visitors during the tour – schoolchildren and their parents, young people, students, adults, representatives from companies and organisations, local education providers and the mass media.

The fair which is organied by the educational agency Baltic Council Poland, a sister company of the leading educational agencies Baltic Council for International Education (BCIE Estonia, BCIE Latvia, BCIE Lithuania, BCIE Hungary) and Meridian Group, is taking place in 3 Polish cities on the following dates:

October 10, 2024, Krakow, Hotel Vienna House Andel's Krakow.
With a population of 804,237, Krakow stands not only as one of the largest cities in Poland. As one of the most visited cities in Poland, Krakow attracts tourists with its historical monuments, picturesque Main Square, charming Kazimierz and beautiful boulevards. It is also one of Poland's oldest cities, rich in valuable architectural buildings.
Culture and history lie at the heart of Krakow, making it not only the spiritual, but also the cultural heart of the country. The city is seen as a symbol of Polish identity on the international arena. Numerous cultural institutions and establishments amass a wealth of historical monuments that attract the attention of visitors from all over the world.

October 12, 2024, Warsaw, Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel.
As Poland's largest city, Warsaw is a dynamic center with many faces. With a GDP of 536 billion PLN and a population of more than 1.86 million, it is here that not only economic life, but also scientific, cultural and political life is concentrated.
The most promising areas of the economy have found their place in the Warsaw agglomeration. Profitable businesses and growing industries are setting new trends and standards in the country, making Warsaw the undisputed leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.
The heart of Warsaw, Śródmieście, beats intensely, pulsating with cultural and business life. It is here that one of the most characteristic symbols of the capital is located - the Palace of Culture and Science, which is not only a monument, but also the center of social and cultural life.

October 13, 2024, Gdansk, Radisson Hotel & Suites Gdansk.
The Tricity, consisting of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, is one of the most vibrant places in Poland. With a GDP per capita above the national average, Gdańsk is one of the most important economic centres in Poland. It is home to many large enterprises and an extensive service, industrial and commercial sector. In addition, Gdańsk's rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions attract crowds of visitors, generating additional income for the city and the region. There are 748,986 people living in the tri-city area, and 582,205 in Gdańsk.


Polish students and secondary schools abroad
- With a population of approximately 39 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the EU, and with the economy developing so rapidly, there is a huge demand amongst Polish students for developing one’s skills through enrolling in programs such as the IB, A-level, Abitur, US Diploma and many more.
-  Each year, there is a growing number of students graduating from primary schools who, together with their parents, look for alternatives to the Polish education system. Renowned schools abroad are therefore the perfect answer to these students’ needs.
- Parents are willing to invest in their children’s education as they are aware that it will help their children in securing a place at higher education institutions of their choice.
- Furthermore, the preparation for education abroad often requires a proper language training: Polish students have always been keen on learning languages abroad during summer months, and there is no greater encouragement for them than an interesting and exciting language programme abroad.

Polish students and universities abroad
- Each year the number of students looking for an alternative to the Polish education system and choosing international higher education is growing, and there is no doubt that this trend will only continue. Poland has shown the strongest growth among the top EU countries sending students to European and other international universities. There are already over 65 thousand Polish students studying abroad.
- There are almost 65 schools which offer IB Diploma programmes in Poland. The number of students graduating from such programmes has been systematically increasing since 1995, when the first IB programme was launched. Every year, hundreds of young people look for the best opportunities to study abroad.
- There are about 80,000 international students in Poland and many of them consider further education abroad including undergraduate/Bachelor’s and postgraduate/Master’s programmes.

Polish students and language schools / camps abroad
Every year there is a constant increase of Polish students in Poland studying foreign languages abroad. According to the statistical data the number of pupils and students learning foreign languages and Poland in 2023 reached several million people: 4 828 880 (English), 1 862 120 (German), 270 000 (Spanish), 201 670 (Russian), 142 970 (French), 41 600 (Italian), 12 220 (other).
Education providers offering language courses in their countries can benefit from increasing their international student numbers by running recruitment activities in Poland.

- language courses for different age groups worldwide;
- vacation courses for juniors;
- higher education programmes (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Foundation);
- secondary education programmes at private boarding schools and colleges;
- study programmes at state schools and colleges in Europe, the USA, Canada and other countries;
- further education and professional colleges;
- teacher training courses;
- executive courses and programmes;
- distance learning and international exams.

If you are an education provider looking for more information and the application procedure then please visit the EDUCATORS section.

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Educators should fist select the event they would like to register for. Then go to the Educators section and click APPLY NOW.

We normally offer the early bird discounts ranging between 15 % to 5 % depending on the time of booking.

The fees include: participation in the fairs, flight between the cities, brief information in the fair’s guides, name badges, workplace with Wi-Fi, coffee breaks & snacks, evening receptions & dinners, promotion of the event in local mass media.

Yes, education providers can choose to participate in any locations.

Yes, you can book the place at the fair and provide the names of your representatives later - 1 month before the fair.

No, accommodation has to be chosen in the Application Form and paid extra in addition to participation fees.

The profile for the fair's guide should be sent approximately 8 weeks before the event.

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